Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposer - L 1001 .50 hp



Waste King Legend EZ Mount Food Waste Disposer - Model: Legend 1001

Waste King Garbage Disposal - Series: Legend 
Replaces Model: PM1001 1/2 HP - (PM 1001)

AMC (Anaheim Manufacturing Company) Kitchen Appliances presents Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposers. Waste King Legend Series garbage disposers turn higher RPMs than other brands. More power means less jamming. No jam-wrench required. High speed Vortex powered permanent magnet motors, removeable splash guard, best and longest warranties in the industry, fast and easy mounting, front mounted reset button, corrosion proof stainless steel grinding components, septic safe, dishwasher hook up.

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111 1/3 HP  3300 3/4 HP
1001 1/2 HP 8000 1 HP
2600 1/2 HP 5000TC 3/4 HP Batchfeed
3200 3/4 HP 8000TC 1 HP Batchfeed
9930 1/2 HP  9900 TC 3/4 HP Batchfeed
9950 3/4 HP 9980 TC 1 HP Batchfeed
9980 1 HP

• 2 Year In-Home Service Warranty
• Space saving compact design!
• High-speed 2600 RPM Vortex™ powered permanent magnet motor produces more power per pound.
• Corrosion resistant grinding components.
• Fast and easy mount system provides a no hassle installation.
• Removable splash guard is included.
• Safe for properly sized septic tanks.
• Longest warranties in the industry demonstrate commitment to quality.

                                                                                 Garbage Disposal Specs:

Motor Horsepower:
1/2 HP
Motor Speed R.P.M.:
Motor Type:
Permanent Magnet
Power Cord
Sink Flange:
Stainless Steel & Celcon
Positive Seal
Splash Guard:
Waste Elbow:
Grind Ring:
Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
Swivel Impellers:
Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel
Glass Filled Nylon
Grinding Chamber:
Corrosion Proof Glass Filled Polyester
Permanently Lubricated; Sleeve Type
Overload Protector:
Manual Reset Type
Shipping Weight (lbs.):

Optional Accessories: (in the box below)
You do not have to order this remote switch unless you don't want to use your wall switch or don't already have an ON / OFF disposer switch, or want the convenience of a handy sink mounted switch. This fiber optic switch fits in your existing extra sink hole if available on your sink (for soap dispensers) or a hole can be drilled for easy installation of this remote switch. We've added this option as a convenience for our customers who want this popular item.

Fiber Optic Remote Switch - Model FRC-4017 (Click here for more info)
Model 4016 and 4017 (4017 shown). This is a package. 4016 is the unit and 4017 is the button. 4017 is included with 4016. OPTION: 4018 is the optional adapter if you already have a sink hole.

Fiber Optic Remote Switches - 4017
Remote control switch installs in 5 minutes to your countertop, sink or cabinetry and is perfect for use with an island. Conveniently operates the disposer with a simple press of a button. This fiber optic remote switch has no wiring connections or code restrictions. We carry them in Chrome and Satin Nickel.

: FOS 4017-CH
Satin Nickel:
FOS 4017-SN
Biscuit: FOS 4017-BIS

Sink Hole Adapters - 4018 
Decorator colors match remote control buttons, fit into standard sink holes and allow for quick installation. We carry them in Chrome and Satin Nickel.

Chrome: FOA 4018-CH

Satin Nickel:
FOA 4018-SN


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