Vents - Destratification Bucket Fans - DRF-OV 1055 Bucket Fan



Vents - Destratification Bucket Fans - DRF-OV 1055 Bucket Fan

Bucket Fan DRF-OV 1055

Bucket Fan 420

Maximum capacity - 420 CFM.

  • Bucket Fan 1055

    Bucket Fan 1055

    Bucket Fan 1460

    Bucket Fan 1460

Max. Watts

Max. Amps



420 (198)

CFM (L/s)

Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 3
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 6
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 10
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 13
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 15
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 20
Air flow speed vs. Bucket Fan distance point (ft) - 23

Bucket Fan 420

10  3/16"

13  7/16"

15  3/16"

20  3/16"

15  3/16"

Gently directing the conditioned air at the ceiling to where it is needed at the floor

You will actually enjoy the full benefits of the heat you are paying for. No longer will the hot air in winter be wasted at the ceiling. If the building is air conditioned, you'll be even more gratified and satisfied with the savings you'll realize. Rid yourself of that painful economic reality of energy dollars going through the roof. They should say in your wallet.

Saving money is good, but when you can make occupants more comfortable it's a home run, it's a touchdown, it's an eagle, it's a royal flush.
Workers work better, shoppers stay longer and buy more, and management hears fewer complaints about how hot or cold it is.

Bucket Fans are effective in almost any commercial, educational, government, or industrial building of 15 feet to over 30 feet. They are quiet, great looking, speed controllable and easy to install. You'll be knocked over and blown away by how inexpensive they are.


Cold Weather
Hot Weather

There is typically a .5 degree F and 1 degree F increase in temperature for every foot of height. This means it can be as much as 10 - 20 degrees F hotter at the ceiling of a 20 ft high facility than at the floor. Moving the superheated air at the ceiling - where it obviously doesn't do anybody any good - to floor level with a Bucket Fan is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to drastically cut utility bills by 1/4 to 1/3.
In air conditioned buildings cold air coming out of ceiling duct work is fighting rising warmer air. The solution has always been to install tons of a/c as a way for the cold air to out-muscle the rising hot air. It's been estimated that up to 40% of the input energy is wasted pumping out massive amounts of cold air in the attempt to overpower the warm air at the floor. Installing Bucket Fans near the cold air registers will actively push the conditioned air to where it should be, resulting in tremendous energy savings.







How to calculate the number of bucket fans you need

To enjoy the full benefit of destratification the accepted rule of thumb is to "turn the air" between one and two times an hour.
To determine how many Bucket Fans are needed use this formula:
For ceiling heights 15 ft - 20 ft use the Bucket Fan 420
For ceiling heights 20 ft - 25 ft use the Bucket Fan 1055
For ceiling heights 25 ft and over use the Bucket Fan 1460

For example, a building has the following dimensions - 125 ft long, 75 ft wide, and 20 ft high.
1) 125 x 75 x 20 = 187,500 cu. ft
2) 187,500/1055/60 = 2.9 fans

1) L x W x H = V
(Height x Width x Length = Air Volume in Building)

2) V / CFM / 60 = Number of Fans
V / CFM of the Bucket Fan / 60 (converts CFM to CFH) = Number of Fans

Always round up to the next number. In this example 4 Bucket Fans would be needed.


Bucket Fan Accessories


Individualize your fans and enhance the look of your building's interior with our Fan Coozies. The number of available colors and prints is almost endless. Logos can also be added. Contact your seller or VENTS to learn more.

Gripple Kit for Easy Installation

If you've ever used Gripples you know how easy, safe, and strong they are. As the saying goes, once you go Gripple you'll never go back. With our Hanging and Safety Cable Kit installation is so simple. Put the toggle through the handle hole and secure the other end with the Gripple. Not a single tool is needed. The kit saves an enormous amount of time and tremendously reduces labor costs.

Variable Speed Controllers

Our variable speed controllers put you in charge of thermal comfort. Depending on your requirements and needs, each fan can be controlled individually or up to 10 fans can be ganged to be controlled as one. It's as simple as turning a knob so what more needs to be said?

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