Linkasink Bathroom Sinks - Mosaic - Mosaic Tile Patterns Tile Chart



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D004 1-1/2" Grid Strainer

D005 1-1/2" Lift & Turn

D006 1-1/2" Pop-Up

AB - Antique Bronze

DB - Dark Bronze

PN - Polished Nickel

SN - Satin Nickel

WC - Weathered Copper


Linkasink Mosaic Tile Patterns Tile Chart

Linkasink Mosaic Sink Patterns

When deciding which mosaic sink you would like, choose your sink base, the pattern you would like and the color of the tiles. A standard drain comes with our mosaic sinks as part of the cost. Choose from a Grid, Lift and Turn or a Pop Up, which gets grouted into the sink.




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