Panasonic WhisperGreen Standard

Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan - WhisperGreen Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fans

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advantages models
blue-bullet FV-08VKM1
80/30 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-08VKS1
80/30 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-05VK1
50 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-08VK1
80 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-08VKM2
80 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-08VKS2
80 CFM 4" Duct
blue-bullet FV-13VKM2
130 CFM 6" Duct
blue-bullet FV-13VKS2
130 CFM 6" Duct

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